It’s all about recycling

Design and build recycled products on our platform

One platform

to design, build and sell

100 %

recycled material

Closed cycle

through deposit system

Dissolve and do not generate waste

Contribute to a sustainable world because the products you buy on our platform are made from waste and are made to be reused in a fixed cycle. The possibilities of this are endless in line with our name.

From plastic waste
to new products

Various plastic materials

During the recycling process, we make rods from the different types of plastic materials that we have recycled and can use again for the production of our products. This ensures that we can realize a great variety when we design products based on strength, type and color.

But that’s not all


All products in our webshop are only printed after ordering so that we do not realize unnecessary products. This also means that every product can be customized for every order, so you get a unique custom made product.


Make existing products better when they need to be repaired instead of thrown away. Thanks to our 3d scanners, we can scan products that are broken and then reprint a better version so that the chance of breaking is reduced.


By making the designs for 3d printers and releasing them on our platform, it is possible to reproduce the prints and scale them in this way. It can be produced in different colors and types of plastic to maintain its unique character.

Join our
recycling revolution.

Do you want to start an initiative in your neighborhood? We are happy to help you.

With our Recyclingbank program we provide the equipment, recycling knowledge and partners. You determine to what extent we work together, we provide the tools and know-how.

About the Recyclingbank

It is our mission to make recycling cool through incentives where when you hand in waste you get opportunities to get something back. This way you will be rewarded for separating and collecting. Through our platform we offer makers the opportunity to make products with this recycled waste.

This project is supported by the municipality of Amsterdam